1945 Yankton, South Dakota
  1976 University of Washington, Seattle, WA, Independent Studies – Printmaking
  1972-75 Prahan Institute, Melbourne, Australia, Independent Studies – Printmaking
  1965-1970 University of Washington, Seattle, WA, BFA – Graphic Design
 Selected Solo Exhibitions:
  2009-2005 Lisa Harris Gallery, Seattle, WA
  2003-1986 Lisa Harris Gallery, Seattle, WA
  2002-2001 Margo Jacobsen Gallery, Portland, OR
  1989-1999 Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR
  1994 Guistina Gallery, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
  1985-1984 Cynthia von Suhr Gallery, Bellevue, WA
 Selected Group Exhibitions:
  2009 SAM Gallery,“Shelter,” Seattle, WA
  2008 -2005 PONCHO Invitational, Seattle, WA
  2004 Lisa Harris Gallery, Seattle, WA – “20th Anniversary Exhibition”
Seattle Art Museum RSG, Seattle, WA “Artists of the Lisa Harris Gallery”
  2000 Margo Jacobsen Gallery, Portland, OR – “New Artists”
PONCHO Invitational, Seattle, Wa.
  1999 Bush Art Center, Salem, OR – “Frozen Moments: Contemporary Still Life in the Northwest”
Artwork for AIDS, Seattle, WA
Artists Trust, Seattle, WA
  1997 Anne Reed Gallery, Ketchum Idaho, “Retrospective/Prospective”
Artwork for AIDS, Seattle, WA
PONCHO Invitational, Seattle, WA
  1996 Anne Reed Gallery, Ketchum, ID – “Land Inspired II”
PONCHO Invitational, Seattle, WA
  1995 Artwork for AIDS, Seattle, WA
  1994 Allied Arts ’94, Seattle, WA
  1993 Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR – “Scale Shift/Small Objects”
Artwork for AIDS, Seattle, WA
  1991 Bumbershoot 1991, Seattle, WA – “The Artist in the Art–Self Portraits”, Juan Alonso – Curator
RSG, Seattle, WA – “Contemporary Northwest Watercolors”
PONCHO Invitational, Seattle, WA
  1990 Wing Luke Museum, Seattle, WA
  1988 Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR – “Contemporary Landscape”
  1987 Stone Press Gallery, Seattle, WA – “Sixth Annual Printmakers Invitational”
  1986-1985 Pacific Northwest Annual, Bellevue, WA
  1984 Seattle Design Association, “Fifth Annual 12 x 12 Competition”
  1982 Stone Press Gallery, Seattle, WA – “National Printmakers Invitational”
  1980 Kitteridge, Gallery University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA – “Artists of the Utah Street Studios”
 Selected Commissions, Honors & Publications:
  2008 “New York Paintings” by Debra Koppman, Artweek– July/August
“Living With Art” by Giselle Smith, Seattle Homes and Lifestyles– April

  2004 “A Painterly Approach” by Matthew Kangas, Seattle Times– July
  2003 “100 West Coast Artists” by Douglas Bullis, Atelier Press – September
  2001 “The Northwest Landscape” by Kitty Harmon, Sasquatch Books
  1999 Preview Magazine, “Richard Morhous: Paintings”, by Ted Lindberg – December
  1998 Seattle Magazine, “The Business of Art”, by Eric Lucas – November
  1997 New American Paintings 1997, judged by Clare Bell, Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art, The Guggenheim Museum – December
  1995 Seattle Times, “A Mix of Styles”, by Robin Updike – November 9
  1994 Seattle Times, “At the Galleries”, by Robin Updike – December 4
Seattle Weekly, “More Than Meets the Eye”, by Tom McTaggart – November 30
Oregon Magazine, “Galleries of Oregon”, by V.H. Jensen Jr – August/September
  1993 Seattle Magazine, “Primary Colors” – November
Motion picture, “Body of Evidence”
  1991 Alaska Airlines Magazine, “Light in August”, by Chris Davis – August
The Oregonian, “Choice”, by Christine Henderson – June 27
  1990 Artweek – February 15
  1989 Northwest Gallery Magazine – December
The Oregonian, “A Vote for Small Packages”, by Randy Gragg – December 8
Reflex Magazine, “Round Up”, by Debby Barry – September
The Oregonian, “Reality Never Looked So Unreal” , by Phil Hunt – July 7
  1988 The Oregonian, “Directions Divergent for Landscape”, by Barry Johnson – August 12
  1987 Artweek, “A Summer Crop,” by Lois Allen – July 25
  1986 Seattle Opera, “Ring” poster
  1977 Seattle Metro, “Art on the Buses”

 Selected Corporate Collections:


City of Portland, OR  Permanent Arts Collection
Deloitte & Touche  Seattle, WA
Federal Home Savings and Loan, Seattle, WA
GNA Corporation, Seattle, WA
Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound, Seattle, WA
Hagens & Berman, Seattle, WA
Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Salem, OR
Heathman Hotel, Portland, OR
Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA
Oregon Health Sciences, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
PNB, Seattle, WA
Perkins Coie, Seattle, WA
Prudential Bache Securities, Seattle, WA
SAFECO Insurance Company of America, Seattle, Washington
Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Seattle, WA
Sundance Steamship Company, San Francisco, CA
The Paragon Group, Redwood City, CA
WRQ, Seattle, WA
Radio BCN Sydney, Australia
Vema Pty. Ltd., Melbourne, Australia

    Lisa Harris Gallery, Seattle, WA
Seattle Art Museum SAM Gallery, Seattle, WA